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For more than one hundred years, Schwinn has become an American icon and has built some of the best known and best loved bicycles of all time.  What kid hasn't wanted a shiny new Schwinn bicycle for Christmas?  Even today, adults dream of owning a Schwinn mountain bike or exercising on a Schwinn Air-Dyne bicycle in the comfort of their own home.  And, in order to keep those Schwinn bicycles in tip-top shape, it is important to maintain and repair them with genuine Schwinn bicycle parts. 

Ignaz Schwinn began manufacturing a diamond bicycle frame back in 1889 in Germany.  He migrated to America two years later and eventually incorporated his own company in the fall of 1895. Schwinn quickly came out with a bike for every purpose and price range.  By 1898 mass production and growing competition brought the price of a bicycle down to as little as $20.  In 1902 the best racing bikes were priced around $150.  

Bicycle sales began to fall as the popularity of the automobile increased.  Bike sales fell to 250,000 by the year 1905.  Bike makers began to turn their attention to the kids' market as the parents purchased more and more cars.  Children were largely the focus of the bicycle industry for the next several decades.  

1960 saw the introduction of the first Schwinn road bikes--the Varsity and the Continental.  In 1963 Schwinn introduced the incomparable Schwinn Sting Ray with its high-rise handlebars and banana seat. The coolest kids in town road Schwinn Sting Rays.  Schwinn sold 45,000 Sting Rays by the end of 1963.  

Schwinn's lightweight road bikes finally began to make headway in the late 1960's and into the 1970's.  This trend was lead by the Varsity and the Continental.  The Varsity ushered in a new era of cycling as a return to real transportation.  The ten-speed's narrow wheels, drop handlebars and hand brakes were designed for speed and distance.  

In 1984, Schwinn took note of a new trend in mountain biking and began producing the Sierra and High Sierra mountain bikes.  And, by 1989, Schwinn was selling almost 125,000 Schwinn Air-Dyne exercise bicycles.   

Schwinn bicycles have all the right Schwinn bicycle parts--balloon tires, chrome fenders and horn, tank, whitewall tires, head and tail lights, spring fork, deluxe saddle seat, and more.  If you are lucky enough to own a Schwinn bicycle, then you want to make sure that you replace any old, used parts with genuine Schwinn bicycle parts. 

Here is an interesting video of a bicycle museum in Illinois that has a multitude of Schwinn bicycles, bicycle parts and other assorted Schwinn items.





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